“Brandi connected real situations and challenges to tangible ways of improving that we could implement right away.

Brandi’s speaking and facilitation style is dynamic and welcoming. She leads interactive sessions designed to inspire and create opportunities for insanely practical learning. She is available for keynote speaking engagements, in-person workshops, and customized facilitation.



Brandi Olson is founder and chief change artist at The Olson Group (www.HelloOlson.com). With expertise in teaching, organizational learning and change, and human-centered design, Brandi builds the capacity of mission-driven organizations to thrive during times of change through agile strategic planning, practical evaluation, and agile transformation. Brandi has a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota and is a trained Human-Centered Design facilitator, Agile coach and certified Scrum Professional with the Scrum Alliance. Brandi has worked with over 400 leaders across the country through keynotes, retreats, and interactive workshops.



“Wow! Brandi’s keynote opened my mind and pumped me up to try new things!

“We’ve changed the internal conversations we are having in our organization.

“Amazing presenter. Great energy. Probably one of the best sessions I went to.


Agility for Social Change

Agile Strategy

Data + Ethics

Human-Centered Design

Impact Mapping

OKRS (Objectives + Key Results)

Agile Project Management

User Story Mapping

Using Data for Continuous Improvement

Agile Change Management




“The workshops created the space for us to collaborate as a team and we’ve become more intentional in how we are thinking about our program design.

“The overwhelm I was feeling is totally gone because we identified what to focus on.”

“The Olson Group facilitators  helped us connect real situations and challenges to tangible ways of improving.”

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