“I have a much better understanding of where some of my difficulties were coming from. I came away knowing what concrete action to take action right now.  

Remember biology lab from high school? Everyone got paired up and you worked on the experiments together. Partnership is exactly what you’ll get from Emerging Strategy Labs.

Responding to change effectively requires partnership and experimentation.

It’s nearly impossible to discern the better next steps on your own. Responding to change also requires agility and decision-making before you have all the information. You likely don’t have the luxury of spending the next four months re-designing your goals and objectives. You need to take action right now, with purpose. Emerging Strategy Labs help you move forward.

It is possible to welcome uncertainty without giving up on planning, but it’s not always clear what the next step is. That is exactly why I offer these labs.

Come with an understanding of your current strategic challenges and we’ll collaborate.

Here are just some of the focus areas that I tackle with leaders in Emerging Strategy Labs:


  • Prioritize when everything is important
  • Respond to shifting strategic priorities while staying focused on mission and outcomes
  • Create strategy feedback loops that enable equity, learning, and collaborative improvement with stakeholders
  • Welcome uncertainty in your plan without giving up planning
  • Cultivate a planning culture that expects change
  • Reduce risk and cost of change when we know that more change is coming


“Brandi was a terrific anchor. She thought constructively and kept pace with our fast moving minds.” 

“I have started using what I learned with my team and I know it’s going to help us … accomplish great things yet in 2020. 

“Brandi is an enthusiastic, engaging partner.” 

Emerging Strategy Labs are practical consulting sessions focused on taking action in a specific direction. You bring the questions and area of focus; I bring my years of experience in agility and strategic planning to help you move forward. 

I’ll come prepared

  – Send me background materials or questions 48 hours prior to our lab

We’ll both come ready to get some work done

  – 60 minutes of practical consulting focused on identifying actionable steps that you can take right now to move your organizational strategy forward, even in the midst of rapid change. You’ll walk away with the recording of our conversation along with any tools or resources I recommend.

You take action

  – After our call, you’ll have actionable takeaways. For up to a month after our session, I’ll be available to provide a round of written feedback on anything you create or any questions that emerge as a result of our time together.

What’s included:

  • Review of any materials you share before our session
  • 60-minutes of focused practical consulting with up to three people in your organization. Bringing a small team is highly encouraged! It will help you take effective action.
  • Recording of call
  • Action Guide with next steps, applicable resources, templates, and links
  • One round of written feedback or response to questions that emerge


Single Emerging Strategy Lab

Investment: $500

Emerging Strategy Lab Series

Want a lab partner for more than one session? It’s more valuable to engage in labs of three.

3-Session Package Investment: $1350



We can get a lot done in an hour! Here are some comments from recent participants: 

“My session with Brandi was like therapy for me.

I came into it with so many different questions, and Brandi helped me navigate it all. I have a much better understanding of where some of my difficulties were coming from now. The whole conversation was really illuminating for me. I came away feeling like I have a way to take action right now.”

Sarah Abare
Education Director, Walker Art Center

“I came to the session with Brandi knowing I had zero tools or language to start the solution-oriented conversation my team needed.

Brandi brilliantly illustrated the problems and helped me find ways to talk about them with my teams.”

Shana Burns
Technology Leader, Comcast

“I figured if I got just one new idea, it would be worth the time and money. At the end of the session, I left with not just one new idea, but many.

Brandi gave me ideas and tools that are incredibly practical and could be implemented immediately. Besides having great ideas, Brandi is an enthusiastic, engaging partner who knows when it is time to talk, when to listen, and when to get up and move around. I have started using what I learned with my team and I know it is going to help us set goals, plan, and track so that we can accomplish great things yet in 2020.”

Sarah Berger
Director of Development and Communications, Neighborhood House

“Brandi had her work cut out for her and she knew it.

I come with a group of strong, opinionated, creative, and highly motivated women that are helping my company grow and Brandi was a terrific anchor. She thought constructively and kept pace with our fast-moving minds.”

Rebecca Egbert
Founder and Head of Product, The Mother Love

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